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Cool Island – Aircon Rentals Helps Out In QLD With Temporary Chiller

Working in paradise doesn’t happen often, but when it does Aircon Rentals takes the opportunity with both hands!

In tropical North Queensland, air conditioning is a must. The humidity is stifling. Not only is it unpleasant without air conditioning, equipment has been known to rust from the underside.

This was the case when a leading resort had its 350kW air cooled chiller fail due to rust damage. Luckily the resort had the piece of mind to call the Aircon Rentals Queensland team. With weddings and functions booked at the resort, it needed a cost effective solution until the new piece of equipment arrived.

After receiving the phone call from the resort, the Aircon Rentals team sprung into action. The team arrived onsite the next day engineering the logistics for the temporary chiller installation.

Island living has its own set of complications, as crane’s and heavy machinery are not readily available. A logical approach was undertaken, moving the resorts old chiller and Aircon Rentals new temporary chiller into place. This task took three different trucks – a 30T crane and a barge to float everything out from the mainland. The most essential ingredient was good weather!

The resort later informed us of how pleased they were with the new 350kW temporary chiller and the organised approach that was undertaken. Aircon Rental’s temporary chiller was so efficient in comparison to the old machine, it assisted in reducing the power savings, which helped offset the rental cost.

Aircon Rentals, making the difference.

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