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Generator power? No problem!

Ice cream is an excellent treat in the summer months, however stock needs to be kept at a consistent temperature, in order to prevent it simply melting away into an expensive puddle.

Aircon Rentals came to the rescue of an ice-cream seller recently who was selling goods at a week long international event. With four 38 degree days in a row, they had large quantities of ice cream to sell to a hot and  hungry public. As the event was being held over the weekend and public holidays, additional stock was being kept in a refrigerated trailer, to prevent re-supply over the holiday period.

Given the remote location of the event, the trailer mounted freezer was being powered by a generator. In the heat of the second day, the clients generator over heated and stopped working. That’s when our client called Aircon Rentals in a panic. If they didn’t have another power source up and running soon, they’d lose the stock, and the sales. They had to hire a generator immediately, and it had to be on site fast!

Aircon Rentals was able to immediately deploy a rental 80kva Cummins generators and install the unit, preventing the stock being damaged and the continuation of service.

Aircon Rentals prides itself on the new fleet of generators, which are regularly maintained, ensuring that our clients don’t need to worry about a failure at a critical moment.

When you need reliable power fast, contact Aircon Rentals for generator hire and see what can be done to, “Make the difference”.

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