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Here at Aircon Rentals we deal with tasks big or small to meet our clients needs. We have had to deal with all different situations when it comes to chiller rentals, some of which have required extra special attention and specific instructions. We have staff that are qualified and specialise in installing temporary chiller hire, mobile cool rooms and all air conditioning rentals. This blog posts discusses a recent high rise chiller hire.

Temporary Chiller Hire

Our staff always thrive on challenges and we are constantly dealing with all different clients. The knowledge and skills of the Aircon Rentals Operations Team was recently tested when tasked to install a temporary chiller arrangement, on the 20th floor of a Sydney high rise. Complexities arose upon attending site, with limited external access available and the clients wishes to avoid major structural costs. The usual method for cooling a single floor of a high rise building is to install 4.5kw portable units, however in this scenario, the client was adamant that they required a ducted system. With no access via cranes, how was the rental 120kw chiller going to be able to be installed?

Working in two shifts around the clock, the team of Aircon Rentals installers were able to dis-assemble the required equipment enough to fit it into the cargo elevators, and reassemble it on the floor. In just over 24 hours, the Aircon Rentals team had the rental chiller up and running.

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Do you require a high rise chiller hire? The team of Aircon Rentals engineers and installers are dedicated to finding a way to make air conditioning work, to the clients specification. Our team thrives on challenges! We are here to meet all your requirements and providing you with efficient and reliable service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any further inquires or want to know more about our range of products and services. You can also see our full range of chiller products here.

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