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Our Staff at Aircon Rentals look towards achieving all challenges to provide our clients with the best results. We have worked for a range of industries and commercial business to help them run their business through providing quality rental air conditioner installation and service.

Air Conditioner for the Cabaret

A client contacted the Aircon Rentals Brisbane office in September, enquiring about possible cooling options for the summer period. His “iconic building, the stage for a vibrant and charismatic mix of cinema, cabaret, music and family-friendly entertainment” was missing one crucial element to keep his customers cool – hiring an air conditioner!

Fortunately, Aircon Rentals had the answer and were able to assist.

The solution that Aircon Rentals suggested and supplied was a 40kw packaged air conditioner unit, placed just off to the side of the building. To get the air into the building, 60m of 500mm flexible ductwork was needed to reach a suitable entry point that could be used. This required Aircon Rentals to suspend the ductwork up and over an entry / exit door way. Duct was then put through an open sliding window (boarded up) and with the use of a distribution header and tri-truss, cooling air entered the building. Equipment remained on site for a short duration during January when temperatures were at their hottest, and the venue at its busiest.

aircon rentals cabaret air conditioner

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Our staff were able to assist in our client’s needs and make his entertainment building one which was accommodating and comfortable. If you require assistance in setting up an air conditioning system for your business ,our staff are here to support all your needs. We work to provide the most suitable service for our clients and have experience in all industries.

Please contact us today for a quote or is you have any further queries about air conditioner rentals.

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