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Aircon Rentals received a call from a regular client, asking if we had mobile coolrooms available for immediate hire, as they had an event on over the weekend and needed additional cooling space. Aircon Rentals was immediately on the case, attaching the trailer mounted mobile fridge up to an Aircon Rentals ute and towed it to the desired location. Once in position, a wheeljack was fixed on the front tyre to ensure that it couldn’t move from the site’s chosen location.

Aircon Rentals has a comprehensive and diverse range of mobile coolrooms and mobile freezers for hire. Our expansive range of mobile cool room hire options ensures that you have the flexibility to transport perishable or sensitive goods even during a scorching Australian summer and additional space to store them onsite.

At Aircon Rentals, we are committed to client satisfaction. With a level of advice and service unparalleled by any other company in the industry, our well trained and professional support team is there to ensure a high standard of service at all times. We’ve provided Coolrooms to service stations, weekend fairs, and all kinds of commercial sites. For piece of mind, all of our staff are fully WPCG accredited, should your service station require an immediate solution.

The easy installation of our mobile cool rooms, makes it ideal for a variety of applications while ensuring reliable and cost effective solutions to suit your event and budgetary needs. Just attach it like any trailer, and drive it to where it needs to go. Aircon Rentals has branches in every major Australian city, from Sydney to Perth, so wherever you need a mobile cool room, we can get it there.

Our Coolrooms are available for weekend hire, all the way to long term hire of a year or more.

So if you need a portable refrigeration solution, contact Aircon Rentals today.

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