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When the ice-cream starts to melt, freezer rental to the rescue

freezer rental melbourne ice cream melts

At 6am on a Sunday, a service station realised that its upright display glass door freezer had broken down. The refrigerator mechanic couldn’t get out to repair the freezer until 9am the next day.

The forecast for the day was going to be a scorcher. The service station immediately knew that it would loose sales for ice-creams without the freezer. In addition, there were no other freezers to store the ice-creams. The thought of the goods spoiling and the cost to the business created a huge headache for the service station.

freezer rental when ice cream melts

Fortunately, Aircon Rentals saved the day with their quick and easy freezer rental. The service station was very thankful for Aircon Rentals WPCG accredited staff that were available 24/7, 365 days a year. Within two hours, the Aircon Rentals installer was on site and the freezer rental was installed and cooling down in preparation for the ice-cream stock to be transferred into it. Aircon Rentals was also able to provide additional shelving, so they could stack more inventory into the upright freezer.

Aircon Rentals have an impressive fleet of upright single glass door refrigerators and freezers that have been tested and tagged. Just waiting to be rented and delivered to their next destination. With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Aircon Rentals delivers temporary fridges and freezer rentals to your location, Australia wide.

When you need emergency refrigeration fast, call Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996 and talk to one the team 24/7 about your requirements!

Aircon Rentals provides refrigeration for commercial use only – they do not supply to the residential market.

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