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WHEN THE DOCTOR CANNOT FIX – Portable Air Conditioning Hire

portable air conditioning for when the doctor cannot fix

Throughout our experience, we have encountered various cases where inefficient air conditioning has affected a workplace and employees. Here at Aircon Rentals, we provide various air conditioning installations for all industrial and commercial environments. We have risen above challenges to provide our clients with the best results and have installed efficient air conditioning units.

A local Queensland hospital recently found themselves with air conditioning complications, leaving Doctors sweating in day-surgery rooms. They called Aircon Rentals to assist and provide quick and effective portable air conditioning units for hire.

Portable Air Conditioning

Due to the sterile environment the portable air conditioning units were to be placed in, all components had to be soaped up with cleaning pads. The portable air conditioning then underwent stringent disinfecting, before installation of the equipment could occur. All condenser hoses and electrical leads had to be wrapped in glad wrap.

Sterilisation didn’t just stop at the equipment, with Aircon Rentals staff donning medical scrubs to carry out the installation work.

Getting hoses from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit proved the greatest challenge. With hoses needing to be fed up through a man-hole. This was not only to eliminate slips and trips, but also maximise the distance covered to the nearest exit point for the outdoor unit to be installed.

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If you are experiencing difficulties in your business due to sweltering heat or a lack of efficient air conditioning, Aircon Rentals are here to help. Our well trained staffed have experience dealing within all industry environments and provide professional installation of portable air conditioning services.

Aircon Rentals – not just making the difference…but going over and above the standard installation process and providing a solution! Contact us today for all your air conditioning needs.


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