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24kw package unit | Event portable air conditioner | Aircon Rentals
Package Units

24kW Package Units: Music to Our Clients Ears!

Playing an instrument is hard work solo, playing in tune and rhythm with a group…
Never to Never too small to cool | Aircon Rentals 4.8kW Water Split System | 4.8kw portable unit
Portable Air Conditioner

Quiet 4.8kW Water Cooled Split System Saves the Meeting

Quiet 4.8kw Water Cooled Split System for Hire Saves the Meeting The biggest complaint with…
The Hiring Process - Air Conditioning Rental | Aircon Rentals
Air Handling Units

The Hiring Process and How It Works

When the need to hire temporary air conditioning presents, having some basic details available when…
Reverse Cycle Marquee Cooling | 7–10kW Split System | Aircon Rentals
Heater Hire

Marquee Cooling and Heating

Outdoor events pose their own problems, particularly when it comes to marquee cooling. In an…