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HVAC Accessories

Acoustic Fencing

Attractive acoustic fencing is a great solution when you are looking to minimise the sound of rental equipment.

Air Distribution Header

The Aircon Rentals designed air distribution system allows air to flow throughout the structure quietly and evenly.

Cable Cross Overs

  • Single and 5 channel cable protection
  • Load capacity of 200kg / 8000kg
  • Made from polyurethane
  • Cable protection for pedestrian and light weight traffic, easy to transport

Cable Stands

Cable stands area smart solution when pedestrian access cannot be obstructed. This accessory is utilised to run power cables, chilled water hoses or even ductwork.

Chiller Hose

Flexible chilled water pipe work comes in 5m, 7m, 10m and 20m lengths. All with camlock fittings, a requirement for most chiller installations.

Condensate Pump

The condensate pump can be added to the mobile spot coolers to prevent water spillage and assist in drainage.

Remote Control Thermostat

The control thermostat can be conveniently mounted within the conditional environment, providing remote monitoring.

Data Loggers

ACR data logger reports on temperature, humidity, status and current pressure.

DDC Controller

A Direct Digital Controller or DDC allows greater flexibility and control of the air conditioning system. It is the brain behind an air conditioning system. The DDC is completely programmable, allowing  for things like time clock, after hour switching, data logging and remote reporting.


Ductwork can either be rigid or flexible, dependent on the application. This allows for the transfer of airflow from the unit to the desired location.

External Gauges

Description to come…

Fabric Ducting

This fire retardant fabric ductwork, is used as the internal air distribution method. This ducting allows for evenly distributed air flow. Available in standard 5, 10 and 20 metre lengths or joined to  form a continuous run to over 1km. Fabric Ducting comes in 400mm, 600mm, 800mm 900mm and 1000mm diameter sizes. It can also be made to match most colours.

Temporary Fencing

Panel size available (H x W):
21.m x 2.6m with 1.8m high mesh infill.

Block size available (L x W x H):
600 x 220 x 150mm
Weight: 36kg

Flexible Ductwork

This PVC flexible, self contained ductwork is grey and suitable for both supply and return. Air temperatures can range from -5 degrees to 50 degrees and is 100mm-1000mm in diameter.


Shortridge flowhood, certified calibration.
All accessories included for varying diffuser sizes.

Genie Lift

The Genie Lift is a compact, maneuverable piece of equipment that allows for easy transport and storage.The Genie Lift is ideal for a variety of tasks including lifting heavy material, moving office equipment or installing ceiling/wall appliances.

Lattice Screening

Hide unwanted mess or cover the appearance of equipment with Framed Lattice Panels. Aesthetically pleasing, lattice framing is the perfect option for a professional finish to any event installation.

Mining Flex

This 600mm diameter, rugged mining ductwork, is suitable for both supply and return. Available in 3 meter long lengths, white only.

Rigid Ductwork

Fully insulated, square ductwork, is available in 2.4 metre long lengths. All required fittings are available.

Sizes: 900 x 900 and 700 x 700

Sound Meter

Cel sound meters and calibrators.

TA Balance

TA CBI Balance Unit makes water balancing easy.

Telemetry Unit

This uniquely designed unit was developed for 24/7 real time monitoring of any variable (temperature, humidity, status, current, pressure) on a air conditioning unit. Units can be started or stopped remotely using this unit. A necessary accessory when using units in server rooms, or highly sensitive areas.

Time Clock

A switch mechanism allows activation at preset times, days and dates, by a built-in clock.


Aircon Rentals have a fleet of tail gate fitted utilities, medium rigid and articulated Single and B Double combinations, to effectively delivery Australia wide

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