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Why Choose Us?

Aircon Rentals is a proudly Australian company with over 40 years of experience, dedicated to providing HVAC&R and Power engineered solutions tailored to your industry.

Our Products

We boast an extensive range of portable equipment, readily available in our depots across Australia, ready for immediate dispatch to your location. Our equipment come in various sizes and capacities, ensuring we can meet all your needs.

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Engineered Solutions

Tailored, innovative and simplified engineered solutions, no matter the complexity

Discover Our Engineered Solutions

Tailor-made to suit your specific application. We focus on addressing your unique needs, ensuring timely and budget-friendly delivery. Our commitment extends to providing 24/7 on-site service, always on time.

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Aircon Rentals Industries

Providing solutions for various industries backed by a specialised team

What Our Clients Are Saying

Aircon Rentals

Aircon Rentals has specialised in providing customised temporary industrial and commercial HVAC&R and Power engineered solutions in all sectors for over 40 years.

We offer various air conditioner hire options, ensuring clients can access the most appropriate equipment. At Aircon Rentals, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is clear from our tailored approach to every project, regardless of size.
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Why Aircon Rentals?

Engineered Solutions

Solutions that are personalised, innovative, simplified, and perfectly aligned with your project’s demands. From air conditioner rental to generator hire, we’ve got you covered. Get your next aircon hire from a company that delivers on quality and speed.


Right Products

Boasting an extensive inventory of over 9000 engineered products, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop. Say goodbye to juggling multiple vendors and streamline your business with Aircon Rentals.


For Every Industry

With over four decades of experience, the Aircon Rentals team knows your industry. We understand the challenges you face – whether in healthcare, retail, food and agriculture, defence, construction or mining, Aircon Rentals has the experience to deliver results. From small commercial to large multi-megawatt industrial applications, trust the Aircon Rentals team to deliver on time, every time. 


Simplified Process

From your first call to the completion of your project, you’re dealing with a collaborative and knowledgeable team. Make your next rental project a streamlined success with the Aircon Rentals team.

Dedicated Service

Our nationwide network ensures that no matter where you are, no matter what time it is, Aircon Rentals is your reliable partner. With our team of on-call technicians available 24/7, we guarantee minimal downtime and swift service restoration.

Renting An Air Conditioner

We’ve streamlined the air conditioning hire process to make it as easy as possible. Simply fill out our enquiry form or call our 24-hour service at 1800 626 996 for fast, knowledgeable, and helpful assistance. Aircon Rentals is a longstanding business-to-business company – serving the commercial and industrial market for over 40 years. 

Seamless Climate Control for Every Space

When it comes to maintaining the perfect temperature in your space, be it for an event, an office or during an unexpected HVAC system failure, the challenges can be daunting. Aircon Rentals offers a tailored solution that addresses these issues head-on.

  • Rapid Deployment: Our units can be delivered and installed quickly, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption.
  • Versatile Solutions: With a range of air conditioners, heaters, and more, we cater to every need and space size.
  • Multiple Industries: Our team is used to serving multiple industries, like healthcare, retail, food and agriculture, defence, construction or mining and more.
  • Expert Support: Our 24/7 hotline means you're always supported, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.


Looking for an air conditioner rental? We take pride in serving clients in any industry, anytime and anywhere!

Australian Owned & Operated

Our family-owned air conditioner hire company was established in 1993 and offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning and power rental services. We’re proud to provide advanced technology for remote performance monitoring of units, ensuring reliability and peace of mind. Rent an air conditioner from the best in the business and feel the difference. 

Aircon Rentals' extensive inventory includes portable air conditioners, mobile reverse cycle units, refrigeration units, water and air-cooled chillers, power generators, dehumidifier hire, heater hire, and ventilation systems. From the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games to The Australian International Airshow, Aircon Rentals has the solutions for you.

24 Hours • 7 Days A Week • Australia Wide

Aircon Rental is Australia's leader in air conditioner hire. Our around-the-clock service and availability, delivered by an expert team, give you peace of mind to ensure continuity of service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent to residential homes?

No, we cater exclusively to commercial and industrial clients.

How do I work out what equipment I require?

You don’t need to figure that out on your own! Just call Aircon Rentals at 1800 626 996, chat with us live online, or send your enquiry to One of our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the right solution and equipment for your needs.

Are portable air conditioning units effective?

Yes, the air conditioning units we use are highly effective. They are of industrial specifications, making them very effective at alleviating the heat of Australian Summers.

Are portable air conditioning units noisy?

Our air conditioning units are designed to emit minimal noise. Regular maintenance ensures they remain as quiet as possible.

How much does it cost to rent a portable air conditioner?

The cost varies based on the solution, type of equipment, length of rental, logistics, and other factors.

What are the payment options?

For non-account customers, Aircon Rentals requires pre-payment. Payment can be made via credit card, direct debit, or money transfer. Please note, we do not accept personal cheques.

What are the rental terms for portable air conditioners?

Rental periods typically start at one week (7 days), with longer periods negotiable.

Do you have options for short-term and long-term portable air conditioner rentals?

Yes, rental duration is flexible and can be extended as needed.

Can you accommodate emergency or short-notice requests?

Absolutely! Contact Aircon Rentals 24/7 at 1800 626 996, chat with us live online, or send your enquiry to for immediate assistance.

Do you have minimum rental periods?

Rental periods vary based on product type and your specific requirements.

What if I don’t know the duration of hire required when placing the order?

As long as you serve the minimum hire period, you can keep the equipment for as long as it is needed. It is the hirer's responsibility to off hire the equipment by calling 1800 626 996 to advise that a collection is required.

How can I get a quote?

Contact us at 1800 626 996, chat with us online, or send your enquiry to for a quote.

What is the delivery process for rented equipment? What are the delivery times and fees?

We have a diverse fleet ranging from standard utilities to pantech vehicles and semi-trailers. Delivery times and fees depend on your project location and equipment size. Each enquiry will be provided with competitive delivery and pick-up rates.

How long will it take to receive the equipment once I’ve ordered it?

Pending availability, we may be able to provide equipment on the same day. For planned needs, let us know in advance to guarantee delivery on a specific date.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we provide installation services. Contact us for more details.

Are there any special requirements or preparations needed at the site before installation?

Contact us to evaluate your site's specific requirements and preparations.

How is a Portable Air Conditioning unit installed?

Our experienced technicians handle all installations. Contact us for an assessment of your requirements.

Do I have to maintain the unit I have hired?

Our units are regularly maintained for optimal performance. You may need to empty the water condensate tank periodically, which is a simple process we'll demonstrate during setup.

I’ve heard you need to open windows and doors when using a temporary air conditioning unit. Is this true?

No, our units operate effectively without the need for extra ventilation.

How long does portable air conditioner installation take?

Our technicians work efficiently to minimize disruption and ensure everything is operational in the shortest time possible.

How are temporary air conditioning units installed?

The units are wheeled into position by our technicians. They require access to a standard power point and will have ducting placed either through a window or within the ceiling space. After installation, you can use the unit as instructed by our technician.

Do your air conditioning units comply with safety and regulatory standards?

Yes, each unit is tested to ensure that it complies with the relevant safety legislation, prior to going to site.

What safety features are included in your equipment?

Each unit has a different set of safety features and parameters. As a result, each unit is stringently tested prior to going to site, to ensure that they comply with the individual requirement. Please contact the team for the particular safety features of the unit that you are considering hiring.
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