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Optimised HVAC & Power Solutions: Precision-Engineered for the Oil & Gas Industry

Each operation presents unique challenges and cost considerations in the intricate energy domain. Rather than a simple rental entity, you need a seasoned engineering partner. That’s where our expertise comes into play.

Our team excels in designing power and climate control systems specifically for the oil and gas sector. We support every phase of your project, from initiation to decommissioning. Whether you’re involved in upstream, midstream, or downstream operations, we aim to optimise your efficiency.

Efficiently Managing Your Operational Costs

Given the inherent operational costs of Oil and Gas projects, leasing power and climate control systems are sometimes more pragmatic. Here’s how we assist in financial optimisation:

Our advanced power systems can notably reduce fuel costs, making them ideal for pump operations and water removal activities. 

We efficiently capture and refine surplus flare gas, converting it into a viable fuel source for our top-tier generators. 

Our Micro-Grid systems centralise power distribution, allowing multiple well sites to be powered from one primary source. 

For offshore rigs in non-operational phases, we provide specialised cooling solutions to protect essential equipment.

Diving deeper into our services

Fertilisers and Explosives
The chemical sector demands consistent energy solutions. We ensure stable and safe temperatures, vital for producing fertilisers and explosives.

Process Enhancement
Our team is proactive in identifying and implementing operational improvements. We aim to accelerate production and conserve energy through modern power management techniques.

Operational Halts and Upgrades
Pauses in operations are opportunities. We offer energy solutions that prioritise equipment safety and enable swift restarts. Our systems integrate seamlessly during upgrades, ensuring continuity.

Bitumen and Concrete Production
Consistent power and temperature are essential. We guarantee optimal conditions for producing high-quality mixtures with minimal waste.

Climate Control for Storage
Proper climate control is crucial for storage longevity. We maintain ideal conditions, preventing degradation.

Polymer and Adhesive Production
Specific temperature consistency is critical. Our systems ensure these conditions are met, ensuring quality output.

Refining Operations
Refineries are energy-dense zones. Our tailored power solutions ensure efficient energy usage, resulting in optimised refining processes and cost savings.

Turbine Cooling
Turbines require specific cooling solutions. We ensure they operate under optimal conditions, enhancing their longevity and performance.

Our commitment is unwavering to equip you with engineered solutions that meet your operational demands while ensuring cost-effectiveness.