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Portable air conditioning is a convenient, easy, mobile solution when your main air conditioning system fails, when you have planned system maintenance or if you require temporary cooling in a new location. It can be delivered to your premises and runs effectively and efficiently, causing minimum disruption to the environment.

Do you have a scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning in your server room? Has the air conditioning system broken down in your office? Shopping Centre? Warehouse? Do you have an event and you need to keep your guests comfortable? When temporary air conditioning and heating solutions are required, Aircon Rentals is your answer.

Refrigerated Air conditioning circulates dehumidified, refrigerated cooled air. It requires closed doors and windows for maximum efficiency and can be used in any application. Evaporative cooling continually draws fresh air from outside, tries to cools it down and adds water to the air (humidifies). Evaporative cooling makes the conditioned space humid, It also losses effectiveness after extended periods of operation. Evaporative cooling is not reverse cycle. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. The Aircon Rentals team will discuss your particular needs and whether refrigerated or evaporative cooling would work best for you.

Depending on the size of unit that is required, most times the unit is wheeled into position and plugged into a normal power point. The ducting is put through either a window or ceiling space (if false ceilings are installed) and then the unit can be switched on. If it is a more involved installation, a detailed installation poutline would be given.

There are a number of ways in which Aircon Rentals could cool (or heat) a marquee. The use of the Hi Wall Spilt unit is easy to deliver and install and all that is seen is the “head” of the air conditioning unit. The other way is via fabric ducting that would run along the internal gable of the marquee, entering the structure on the end panel. One entry point for the ducting is usually all that is required, and the ducting has a choice of colours (white, grey, black) and looks like an inflated circular balloon.

All of Aircon Rentals equipment is competitively priced and unit specific. Please call 1800 626 996 to receive an accurate quotation.

Aircon Rentals systems have been designed for maximum performance with minimum noise. Clever design and quality features ensure whisper quiet operation, every time.

You don’t. Just call Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996 and have one of our staff help you through the process. They might ask you some simple questions like How big is the space you wish to cool/heat? How many people will be in the area?

Placing an order with Aircon Rentals is easy. You can either lodge an enquiry form here or call our 24 hour answering service on 1800 626 996. Someone will always answer the phone and respond to you immediately.

Rental of Aircon Rentals products is one day minimum but our standard rental is one week. Units can hired for a longer period and rates will be negotiated.

All of Aircon Rentals equipment has undergone strict safety checks and cleaning regime prior to being installed in your premise. It is expected that if you have a smaller air conditioning unit (up to 4.5kW) that you empty the water condensate tank every couple of days, to ensure no water spillage. Bigger units require less maintenance, as this is more complex. If you have a problem with you unit, please contact the 24hour hotline on 1800 626 996.

Aircon Rentals prefers pre-payment of goods. Payment can be made by a credit card, direct debit or money transfer. If you have an account set up with us, payment can be made on strict 30 day terms. Please refer to the Aircon Rentals Accounts Department if you would like to have an account set-up. Aircon Rentals does not accept personal cheques.

The amount of room is quite variable, depending on the piece of equipment that has been selected for your requirement. Please refer to the unit specifications on previous pages to ensure that your area is adequate.

Depending on size, the unit can be moved easily by switching the unit off an unplugging it and taking the ducting from the ceiling. The units need to be moved carefully and should roll on their wheels. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the Aircon Rentals support line on 1800 626 996.

All Aircon Rentals employees are covered under current Workers Compensation Insurance and Public liability Insurance.

Depending on the availability of the required unit, demand on the day and your location, a unit can be delivered and installed within a 2-3 hour turn around.