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Aircon Rentals: Pioneering TV Production Support

Championing Climate and Power for TV Production
Throughout the years, Aircon Rentals has been the go-to ally for production managers and film crews, offering bespoke climate control and power solutions crafted for the distinct demands of the entertainment scene. With over two decades of history, we’ve played pivotal roles in renowned television productions and cinematic ventures. Specialising in event climate control, we pride ourselves on ensuring optimal temperatures for film sets and studios, guaranteeing seamless operation at every step.

Delving Deep into TV & Film Production Nuances
Our longstanding presence in this realm has equipped us with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of TV and film environments. Embracing shoots’ fast-paced and ever-evolving nature, we stand ready to deliver unparalleled solutions that fit your every requirement.

Continuous Filming with Aircon Rentals’ Comprehensive Solutions
Recognising the round-the-clock demands of the film world, our dedicated team of seasoned technicians offers 24/7 support. With Aircon Rentals on board, every hour is too late or early; we’re always prepared to ensure flawless production continuity.

Whether you’re filming a blockbuster, a captivating documentary, or a riveting TV series, our diverse range of equipment ensures comfort and efficiency under any climatic condition. We’ve covered you, from agile, portable air conditioners to robust chillers.

All-Inclusive Solutions for Every Production Phase
Let your creativity soar, and leave the technical intricacies to us. Our deep experience in TV and film enables us to offer a holistic solution.

Aircon Rentals’ offerings encompass every facet of your needs, from initial planning to continuous monitoring. Be it a modest requirement for a specific piece of equipment or a comprehensive setup entailing a network of advanced tools, we’re your reliable solution.

Diverse Equipment Offerings: Meeting Every Demand
From state-of-the-art generators and chillers to compact air conditioners and distribution setups, our capabilities ensure every shoot is hassle-free. Whether your vision entails a basic equipment setup or an elaborate HVAC configuration for expansive on-set zones, we are at your service.