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In need of a temporary cooling solution for your commercial or industrial business or event? Aircon Rentals offers a range of chiller rentals that are both easily transportable and installable. Offering both water cooled rental chillers and air cooled rental chillers to meet the needs of any installation or client requirements. With a level of advice and service unparalleled to any other in the industry, we are committed to maintaining client satisfaction, ensuring a high standard of service at all times. Aircon Rentals has also provided chiller hire solutions to some of the largest events in the Asia-Pacific region for over 40 years. 

Enabled with seamless connection, our temporary cooling and industrial chiller for hire services have superior control and leading efficiency in real world conditions. The compressor design of our chillers keeps noise levels to a minimum, making them the perfect temporary cooling solution.

Reinforced by a water proof, fiberglass polyester case and completely free from corrosion, our wide range of commercial and industrial chillers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of hire. If you need to hire a chiller, select from our long line of industrial chillers, air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, high pressure water pumps and strainers. We also offer multiple modular units that can be connected to achieve your necessary capacity. Selected units are skid mounted with variable speed compressors and chilled water pumps to match your system requirements. 

If you are completing a full system upgrade Aircon rentals has a huge range of Air handling units (AHU), generators, switchboards and cables for hire. Any HVAC rentals accessory that you would ever require is now under one roof at Aircon Rentals.

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