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Load Bank

Looking for a temporary power solution? At Aircon Rentals, we offer a range of generator rental services in Sydney and Melbourne. Our well trained and professional support team are committed to providing our clients with a high quality, hassle free experience. Generator hires at Aircon Rentals are suitable for all outdoor environments. Our generator control systems are able to be paralleled to either the grid or to another generator to offer multi Mega Watt projects. 

You can pick from our selection of industrial generators for hire that range from 60kVA to 1250kVA. Designed for easy transportation and maintenance, our generators are exceptionally quiet and suitable for most demanding applications. Our fuel tanks are EPA approved for the storage and transportation of diesel fuel. Whilst environmentally safe for storage under compliance with worldwide regulations, the internal baffles featured also prevent fuel surge during handling transportation. 

Featuring a ‘triple interlock’ load protection system, fan cooling failure safety guards, airflow restrictions, high temperature and fan reversal. Our hire load banks include a circuit breaker protection for each load group, allowing full access to switchgear components and resistors. Selected units are available for testing and exercise diesel generator capacities, automatically providing minimum engine loading optimum efficiency and life. 

Here at Aircon Rentals we offer a full range of accessories to support our load bank hire fleet. We are specialist in technical power rentals. We design and install temporary turn key power system to meet any requirement. We have a full range of load bank hire accessories, automatic transfer switches (ATS hire), Static transfer switch (STS hire), large paralleling switch boards and fuel cells.

For more on how to hire our  load banks or load banks please contact Aircon Rentals.
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About Our Load Banks Rental Service

You can pick from our selection of industrial hire load banks ranging from 60kW to 600kW. Our load banks are designed for easy transportation and installation. THe are configured with multiple load sets so you can easily dial in your desired load.

Load Bank Hire With Aircon Rentals

Load banks are indispensable tools for ensuring your power systems' optimal performance and reliability. At Aircon Rentals, we specialise in providing robust load bank solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require a load bank for generator testing, routine maintenance, or to prepare for emergencies, our comprehensive hire services are designed to support your objectives.

Understanding Load Bank Hire

Load banks are critical in simulating real electrical loads, enabling the testing and validating power sources like generators and UPS systems. Hiring a load bank can help identify potential operational issues, ensuring that your equipment operates efficiently when it matters most.

Why Choose Aircon Rentals for Load Bank Testing?

Resistive load banks are critical tools designed to test and validate the performance and reliability of electrical power sources like generators and UPS systems. They work by simulating the operational load conditions that these power sources would typically encounter, but in a controlled and measurable way. This simulation is achieved by converting electrical energy into heat through resistors that can absorb a specified amount of power from the source being tested. The primary advantage of using resistive load banks lies in their ability to provide accurate, real-world conditions, enabling the identification of potential performance issues, verifying the power output capabilities, and ensuring that electrical power sources are fully optimised and compliant with operational standards before being deployed or put into service. This helps in preventing downtime and ensures that power systems are efficient, reliable, and ready to handle the expected load..

Get Started with Expert Support

At Aircon Rentals, we understand that navigating the specifics of load bank hire can be complex. That's why our team of experts is on hand to provide guidance and support every step of the way. 

From selecting the right load bank for your generator or UPS to understanding cable hire for optimal setup, we ensure your testing process is seamless and effective. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you enhance your power system's reliability and performance, ensuring your operations run smoothly, no matter what challenges you may face.

The Advantages of Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is a proactive measure that can save time and resources in the long run. You can avoid costly downtime and ensure continuous operation by identifying and rectifying potential issues before they escalate. This testing is crucial for sectors where power reliability is non-negotiable, such as healthcare, data centres, and manufacturing.

Comprehensive Solutions Beyond Load Banks

At Aircon Rentals, our expertise goes beyondload bank hire. We offer a full suite of rental solutions to meet all your temporary power and climate control needs:

  • Generator Hire: Ensure uninterrupted power supply with our reliable generator hire services.
  • Heater Hire: Maintain optimal temperatures with our efficient heater hire options.
  • Cool Room Hire: Keep your perishables fresh with our versatile cool room hire solutions.
  • Air Purifier Hire: Enhance air quality with our advanced air purifier hire services.
  • Fan Hire: Achieve effective air circulation with our comprehensive fan hire range.

Load banks are related to generator hire, fuel tanks! 

Cable Hire and Switch Board Hire: The Connectivity Backbone

In addition to load bank hire, we provide cable hire and switch board hireservices to ensure seamless connectivity and power distribution for your projects. Our high-quality cables are designed to meet the demands of any application, offering flexibility and reliability.

Hire Your Load Bank With Aircon Rentals Today

Choosing Aircon Rentals means opting for reliability, efficiency, and expert support. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to discuss how our load bank hire services can support your operational goals. Let us help you maintain the integrity and reliability of your power systems with our professional, persuasive, and tailored solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Determine the Right Load Bank \ for my Project?

You don't have to navigate this alone! Contact Aircon Rentals at 1800 626 996, engage with us through live chat, or send your enquiry to Our team of experts is on standby to help you select the perfect load bank, generator hire, or air conditioning unit that meets your specific requirements, ensuring your project's success.

What Are Your Payment Options?

Aircon Rentals offers flexible and convenient payment options to ensure a seamless load bank hire experience for all our clients. For those without an existing account, we require payment in advance to secure your equipment hire. Our accepted payment methods are designed to cater to a wide range of preferences, including:

All major Credit Cards or credit accounts. Please note that a successful credit application is required prior to having a credit account activated. 

What are the Installation Services Offered by Aircon Rentals for Hired Equipment?

Aircon Rentals offers comprehensive installation services for all rented equipment. Our experienced technicians will assess your site and specific requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. 

From load bank testing setups to portable air conditioning units, we handle everything to get your equipment up and running quickly and safely. Our goal is to minimise downtime and ensure that your equipment is operational as soon as possible, with safety and efficiency at the forefront of our process.

How Does The Rental Process Work?

Initiating a rental with Aircon Rentals is straightforward. Contact us for a personalised quote at 1800 626 996, chat with us online, or send your enquiry to Our delivery times and fees are tailored to your project's location and the size of the equipment needed, ensuring competitive rates and efficient service. 

Depending on availability and your requirements, we strive to provide same-day delivery whenever possible to keep your project on track.
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