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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

Peak Performance, Minus the Overheat

When July brings winter’s chill, there’s no need to shiver. At Aircon Rentals, we have the perfect solution to keep you warm and comfortable during the Australian winter. Our Heating Solutions are designed with your needs in mind, offering a range of advanced equipment to combat the cold.

Discover Our Heating Solution Options

Single Phase Heater
Instant warmth is at your fingertips with our single-phase heaters. Whether it’s a small space or a specific area that needs heating, these units are efficient and effective.

3 Phase Induction Heater
For larger spaces and industrial requirements, our 3-phase induction heaters provide powerful and consistent heating, ensuring your premises remain cozy even in the harshest winter conditions.

Reverse Cycle Spot Coolers
Need precise climate control? Our reverse cycle spot coolers are the answer. They can swiftly heat or cool specific zones, giving you the flexibility to maintain the perfect temperature.

Reverse Cycle Package Units
Versatility meets efficiency with our reverse cycle package units. They offer both heating and cooling capabilities, making them a year-round solution for your indoor climate needs.

Heat Pump Chiller
Experience the benefits of heat exchange with our heat pump chillers. Ideal for larger spaces or industrial processes, they maintain an ideal performance while optimising energy usage.

Our high-performance boilers deliver consistent and dependable heating, making them an excellent choice for various industrial applications.

Why Choose Our Heating Solutions?

Effective and Efficient Equipment
Our heating solutions are engineered for top-notch performance and energy efficiency, ensuring you stay warm without skyrocketing energy bills.

Turnkey Solution
We’ve got your back from start to finish. Our comprehensive approach covers engineering, logistics, installation, commissioning, and even decommissioning and removal when you’re done with our equipment.