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Generator Hire

Looking for a temporary power solution? At Aircon Rentals, we offer a range of generator rental services in Sydney and Melbourne. Our well trained and professional support team are committed to providing our clients with a high quality, hassle free experience. Generator hires at Aircon Rentals are suitable for all outdoor environments. Our generator control systems are able to be paralleled to either the grid or to another generator to offer multi Mega Watt projects. 

You can pick from our selection of industrial generators for hire that range from 60kVA to 1250kVA. Designed for easy transportation and maintenance, our generators are exceptionally quiet and suitable for most demanding applications. Our fuel tanks are EPA approved for the storage and transportation of diesel fuel. Whilst environmentally safe for storage under compliance with worldwide regulations, the internal baffles featured also prevent fuel surge during handling transportation. 

Featuring a ‘triple interlock’ load protection system, fan cooling failure safety guards, airflow restrictions, high temperature and fan reversal. Our hire load banks include a circuit breaker protection for each load group, allowing full access to switchgear components and resistors. Selected units are available for testing and exercise diesel generator capacities, automatically providing minimum engine loading optimum efficiency and life. 

Here at Aircon Rentals we offer a full range of accessories to support our generator hire fleet. We are specialist in technical power rentals. We design and install temporary turn key power system to meet any requirement. We have a full range of generator hire accessories, automatic transfer switches (ATS hire), Static transfer switch (STS hire), large paralleling switch boards and fuel cells.

For more on how to hire our  generators or load banks please contact Aircon Rentals.
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About Our Heater Hire Service

Finding the right heating solution for your space or project is essential. Our heater hireservice offers a variety of heating options that cater to different needs, ensuring your environment remains warm and comfortable.

Hire boilers, induction heating, reverse cycle heating, diesel heating, infrared heating. 

If you are searching for a temporary solution for your industrial heating needs during the chill of winter, look no further. Aircon Rentals offers an extensive range of heaters for hire in Melbourne, Brisbane , Canberra , Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. With a level of service and advice unmatched in the industry, Aircon Rentals provides a comprehensive service for all your industrial heater hire needs. The easy installation of our heater hires makes it ideal for various applications and can easily cater to every commercial and industrial application.

Explore Our Heater Rental Options

  • Versatile Heating Solutions: Whether you're looking to maintain a cosy temperature at an outdoor event, need additional warmth for a construction site, or require temporary heating for a commercial space, our range of heater rental options has you covered. From compact electric heaters to large industrial units, we provide the right heater to match any requirement.
  • Tailored Heater Hire for Your Specific Needs: Our team is dedicated to understanding your heating needs and helping you select the best heater rental to ensure efficient and effective warmth. We assess the size of your space, the duration of your need, and any specific requirements to recommend the most suitable heating solution.

Efficient Portable Heating Solutions: Compact, Safe and Powerful

Select Aircon Rentals range of portable heating solutions; fan, electric or gas heaters combined with an onboard electronic thermostat to maintain constant temperatures and effective heating to receive the best heating performance available. Many products are cool to the touch, and our portable fans and electric heaters for hire are also compact and discreet, providing you with highly functional heating in an office space.

Modular in design, our range of industrial fan-forced heaters for hire internal or external use.. You can also rent heaters from us fitted with adjustable temperature controls.

Benefits of Choosing Our Heater Hire Services

  • Cost-Effective Heating: Opting for heater hire is a budget-friendly way to access high-quality heating solutions without needing a large upfront investment. Our flexible rental terms allow you to use the heaters for as long as necessary, providing a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing.
  • Reliable and Efficient: All our heaters are regularly maintained and checked for optimal performance. This ensures reliable heating for your space, keeping guests, workers, or customers comfortable. Our responsive support team is on hand to provide quick solutions for any heater hire issues.

Complement Your Heater Rental with Additional Services

Consider pairing your heater hire with our other rental services to cater to your climate control needs fully. Air conditioner rental can help manage temperatures year-round, Boiler hire - for either a temporary replacement for your base buildings central heating or your industrial process. generator hire ensures you have enough power to run all your temporary equipment.

Getting Started with Your Heater Rental

  • Seamless Rental Process: Beginning your heater hire is easy. Contact us with your heating requirements, and our expert team will guide you through the selection process. We handle the delivery, setup and provide all necessary instructions for use, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Dedicated Support Throughout Your Heater Rental: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends throughout the rental period. We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our hired heaters, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively, keeping your space warm and inviting.

Keep Your Space Warm with Our Heater Hire Service

Our comprehensive heater hire service ensures your space remains warm, no matter the occasion or location. Our extensive range of heaters and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for all your heating needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our heater rental options and how we can help you create a comfortable and warm environment for your project, event, or commercial space. Whether you're dealing with chilly weather or need to improve comfort levels, our heater hire services are designed to provide reliable and efficient warmth.

When considering the acquisition and installation of HVAC equipment, it is crucial to explore various options to ensure optimal environmental comfort and energy efficiency. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners offer the dual functionality of heating and cooling, making them an excellent choice for year-round climate control. Package Units, which combine both the evaporator and condenser in one compact system, are ideal for spaces where indoor room is limited.

Air Handling Units (AHU) play a pivotal role in circulating and regulating air within building ventilation systems, essential for maintaining indoor air quality. For efficient heating solutions, Heat Pump Chillers are advantageous as they can reverse their operation to provide heating instead of cooling, which is particularly beneficial in variable climates. Lastly, Boilers are indispensable for central heating needs, efficiently heating water that is then piped to radiators or underfloor heating systems. Each system has its unique benefits and should be selected based on the specific requirements and constraints of the installation environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Heaters Safe to Use in Various Environments?

Safety is a top priority for us. Several heaters available for rental feature designs that remain cool on the surface, reducing the risk of burns. The portable heating options we offer are both small and subtle in appearance, perfect for use in offices, commercial environments, and homes. Regular inspections and maintenance are conducted on every unit to guarantee safe usage.

Want to know which heater you should hire? Call Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996 and have one of our staff help you. They might ask you simple questions like: how big is the space you wish to cool/heat? How many people will be in the area?

Can I Hire Heaters for Industrial or Commercial Use?

Our range of heaters is suitable for different applications, including industrial, agricultural, commercial, and construction sectors. Depending on your application will depend on the product line we select. We have equipment suitable for internal and external use.They provide instant and efficient heating, ensuring your workspace remains comfortable and productive.

Ensure you have enough room - the amount of room is variable, depending on the equipment selected for your requirements. Please refer to the unit specifications on previous pages to ensure your area is adequate.

Do Your Heaters Come with Adjustable Temperature Controls?

Yes, many of our heaters available for hire come equipped with adjustable temperature controls. This feature lets you set and maintain the desired warmth level, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you need to maintain a steady temperature in an office or require variable heat for a commercial project, our heaters offer the flexibility to meet your heating needs.

What is the Process for Hiring a Heater?

Hiring a heater from us is straightforward and hassle-free. Contact us with your heating needs; our team will guide you through selecting the appropriate heater. We'll arrange for delivery, setup and provide instructions on how to use the heater effectively. Our flexible rental terms allow you to hire a heater for as long as you need, whether for a short-term event or a more extended project, ensuring you have the warmth you require without any long-term commitment.
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