We take pride in servicing any client, in any industry, anytime, anywhere. Boasting a national presence, we are the company that has the capability to solve your air conditioning crisis.

Aircon Rentals has a wealth of experience when it comes to the individual needs of the industries that it services. Special events, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Commercial ventures or simply an emergency, anywhere, Aircon Rentals can provide the correct temperature control and power management to “make the difference”.


Temporary air conditioning
Supplementary air conditioning
Emergency air conditioning
Dehumidification systems
Process cooling
Industrial cooling

Ideally suited for

Military bases
Printing houses
Shopping centres
Clean rooms
Computer rooms

Aircon Rentals focuses upon the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organizations that it serves. We ensure the integration of the selected equipment, and the managed implementation process from site visit to dismantling and removal from site

HVAC system design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, and Aircon Rentals own mechanical engineers will tailor a solution to help solve your buildings shut downs or planned upgrades.

Emergency response is the organizing, coordinating, and directing of available resources in order to respond to an event and bring the emergency under control. Aircon Rentals national 24/7 number –  1800 626 996 – provides this contact point.

Throughout our trading history of over 20 year’s, Aircon Rentals has an established track record of providing Local, State and Federal Governments with timely and cost effective emergency and temporary solutions.

Is the maintenance or improvement of health in human beings. Aircon Rentals almost duplicates this exact service and can provide contingency HVAC plans for aged care, health and retirement establishments.

Whether of a commercial or industrial application, Aircon Rentals has implemented emergency and temporary chiller and air conditioning solutions from single unit to multi floor, roof top and off-shore installations.