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Integrated Transfer Switches

Reliable and easy to use, ouf integrated transfer switches provide a safe and dependable power transfer between sources. Perfect for generator to generator, utility to generator, utility to utility or three-source system.

32 Amp Power Distribution Board

  • Split one 32 Amp supply into many
  • 2, 3. 6 outlet models available
  • Compatible with Clipsasl 56 series

Free Standing Switch Boards

  • Amp switch boards (4200 & 400)
  • Breaker sizes 32, 72, 80, 120, 250 Amp
  • Either busbar or powerlock connection
  • Easy to use

Single Phase Distribution Board

  • 6 of 15 Amp single phase outlets or
  • 12 of 15 Amp single phase outlets
  • Freestanding design
  • Easy connection 3 phase 32 amp 5 pin supply plug
  • RCD protected

32, 63 and 125 AMP Leads and Accessories

  • 32 amp 5pin lead
  • Compatible with Clipsal 56 series
  • Lead lengths are 10, 15 and 30m leads
  • RCD protected
  • Male and Female plug tops

Powerlock Connections

  • Lengths from 5m to 200m
  • Connection available:
  • – Powerlock to powerlock, Powerlock to lug or Lug to Lug

10 and 15 Amp Leads and Accessories

  • Extension leads available in both 10 or 15 amp
  • Extension lead lengths are 5, 10, 15

Cable Cross Overs

  • Single and 5 channel cable protection
  • Load capacity of 200kg / 8000kg
  • Made from polyurethane
  • Cable protection for pedestrian and light weight traffic, easy to transport

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