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Mobile Cool Rooms for any occasions

Aircon Rentals has provided mobile cool room hire solutions to some of the largest events in the Asia-Pacific region. With an extensive range to suit any events or functions, nothing is too big or too small. Contact us for the best rate.

The easy installation of our mobile cool rooms, makes it ideal for a variety of applications while ensuring reliable and cost effective solutions to suit your event and budget. With over 40 years of experience in the air conditioning mechanical services, our mobile cool rooms utilise innovative and first class technology to provide entire solutions for our clients. Our range of mobile cool room rentals can easily cater to every commercial and industrial application.

Our extensive range that have been designed to withstand the wear and tear of use includes:

  • Trailers mounted fridges and freezers which features internal lighting, heavy duty drawbar locks, wheel clamps, and digital temperature monitoring.
  • Reefer comes in 20ft and 40ft modules. They feature internal lightings, emergency alarms and additional safety features.

Both the trailer mounted fridges and freezers, and reefers have the ability to monitor the temperatures remotely if you are storing sensitive products.

Our trailer mounted fridge has a low profile height to fit under any standard driveway or garage, while the reefer selection highlights cargo worthy, MGS stainless steel containers – featuring a 20ft max gross weight of 30480 kgs.

All mobile cool rooms are available for short term or long term hire.

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