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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

We are your Facilities Partner

“We can take care of everything, from assessing your site to designing, installing and commissioning equipment, together with refuelling and regular maintenance.”

Facility Managers aim to provide seamless services to their clients. The best laid plans however, do not always go to schedule and that is when Aircon Rentals can assist. Aircon Rentals provide continuity of service when base air conditioning or power fails. Planned shut downs, plant upgrades and unexpected service interruptions requiring immediate resolution are all areas where Aircon Rentals excels.

Understanding client requests and demands, is critical to a successful working relationship. Aircon Rentals prides itself, when working with Facility Managers, to thoroughly understand the scope of works, client needs and other site considerations such as time and nature of works, noise and access.

All Aircon Rentals employees complete client inductions prior to arriving on site and hold relevant licenses to complete works

We are here to make the difference

Facilities managers are key to a wide range of businesses. And partners they can trust and depend on to provide professional and quick response when the need arise. That’s why our team of engineers have the experience and skills needed to adapt to your situation. We have the expertise to support a wide range of facilities, including:

  • Hospitals, hotels, offices, and airports.
  • Finance, banking, and data centers.
  • Manufacturing, food and beverage producers.
  • Mining sites, construction sites

Adaptable, lean and effective

We work with you to provide the most efficient and cost effective way. With 40 years of experience in the industry providing temporary power, cooling, heating, and dehumidification solutions, we know we have the expertise to deliver.

Our range of hire equipment and solutions  includes: