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We understand the importance of having clean air and the right temperature in Aged Care Facilities

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Aircon Rentals know that clean air is fundamental for Aged Care Facilities, and how important it is that the right temperature is maintained for its residents.

High temperature and humidity or freezing cold temperature can affect the physical well being of older folks. As we get older, our immune system and ability to adapt to extreme temperatures become limited. That is why the right Air Conditioning units now comes with Air-Purifying filter to trap most microscopic airborne particles, and assist to decompose odours and absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. At Aircon Rentals, we have one of the largest range of temporary temperature control equipment in the industry. This gives us the edge over our competitors by having the capability to tailor to the needs of each situation easily.

Round the clock support from our experienced team

We understand that easy and fast access to temporary temperature control equipment are essential for aged care residents when their main unit breaks down, especially in the height of summer and winter when temperature can be extreme.

Because of that, our team of experts are available on call 24/7. You can be sure when the need arise, we will be there for you.

Don’t take the risk. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team have the experience and expertise to assist aged care facilities with temporary power, ventilation and temperature control situations.

Our range of hire equipment and solutions  includes: