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Warehouse cooling can be a big problem for any business. By their nature, they are normally large, open spaces, which are poorly insulated. But warehouses are an important part to industry and the employees who work in them, are a vital part of the success of the business.

When the warehouse gets too hot, it can be dangerous for workers to continue to work safely within the conditions. Warehouse cooling rental solutions are often required on a temporary basis during particularly hot or busy periods.

But air conditioning a warehouse of several thousand square meters is not exactly an easy task.

A client came to Aircon Rentals with a particular problem they were looking for a solution to. They were building custom switchboard rooms within shipping containers. Works included  hot works within the container, and therefore installing the proper ventilation  needed within a tight enclosed space, was an absolute must. With temperatures expected of over 40 degrees for multiple days in a row, and with a hard deadline to complete the works by, they had to have their staff working, but needed it to happen in a safe manner.

With the containers being situated  in the middle of the warehouse, Aircon Rentals had to find the right piece of equipment that would suit the application.  Spot coolers (such as our 4.5kW mobile spot coolers) wouldn’t work as there was nowhere to duct the hot air from the machines.  The warehouse was over 8000sqm in total, so using a chiller or package unit to cool down the entire space was impractical and an unnecessary expense.

Aircon Rentals determined that a 48” Portable evaporative cooler would perform under the conditions admirably.

Warehouse cooling rental 48 inch evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers work by using fans to draw the hot air in. The air circulates around moist pads, which then evaporates. Because of the energy used in evaporating the air, this produces cool, moist air out the front of the machine. This can create a 10-15 degree difference in the temperature.

Since evaporative coolers don’t have an outside or condensate unit for the refrigerant air, they can take up less space than a refrigerant air-conditioning unit. They are ideal for warehouses or for tight enclosed areas.

The Aircon Rentals team installed the portable evaporative coolers, directing the stream of cold air from the machine through the shipping container being worked on. This provided a good amount of relief to the workers and allowed them to finish the project on time.

If you have a warehouse that needs cooling, contact Aircon Rentals today, or call 1800 626 996 and see how we can help make the difference in your work place.

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