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When Cooling Matters

Receiving a call in the middle of the night is never a good sign. Especially when it’s a call in the middle of the night, over the Christmas break. That’s when you know that there is an emergency that needs attention. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened last December to an unfortunate client. Disaster struck when the air conditioning that cooled the data centre failed. And even worse,  as a result, the data centre which supplied internet to the entire Western Coast of Australia, failed. Temporary air conditioning hire

This was an urgent, time critical matter. Servers generate a lot of heat while on, and can very quickly heat a room up. Once they reach temperatures above 45 degrees celsius though, they can experience hardware failure. Many servers will shut themselves down at high temperatures in order to protect their hard drives. This is without considering the potential of an electrical fire caused by the overheated servers. So in order to keep the data centre operational, it was critical that temporary spot cooler air conditioning hire units be brought in as soon as possible.

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Accessing the building

The venue manager was concerned about how the Aircon Rentals technician would access the building. There were numerous challenges, including the fact that the venue was completely underground, with no opening windows or removable ceilings to vent the hot air from. That makes for a secure building for the data, but can pose a challenge for installing temporary spot coolers.

After arriving onsite, the Aircon Rentals highly experienced technician realised that the most appropriate installation technique was to discharge the hot air out the door of the room. Aircon Rentals installed 2 x 4.5kW mobile spot coolers that quickly and effectively cooled the space. This bought much needed relief to all concerned. In order to ensure that no water leaked from the units, which would also be a disaster given the high volume of electronics in the area, our aircon technicians also installed condensate pumps and bins, ensuring that no water generated from the spot coolers for hire would spill over.

By installing a pump and a condensate bin, the temporary air conditioning hire units wouldn’t need to be emptied of the collected water for a couple of days, meaning the data centre staff could enjoy their Christmas break without worrying about any further issues at site.

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