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Chiller and Building Air Conditioners are not Exempt from Maintenance

Everything stops working and needs replacement at some point and chiller and building air conditioners are no exception. The lifespan of an air conditioner can be anywhere between 12 – 20 years (depending on quality) but  eventually they need to be replaced as they wear out and can no longer be repaired. Sometimes the equipment failure can happen quite suddenly, causing a gap between when the old machine fails and when a new machine can be sourced and installed.

That’s where Aircon Rentals comes in, with temporary air-conditioners and chiller units designed to bridge the gap during the installation of a new machine. Aircon Rentals fleet of chillers can handle the required air flow into the building while the new chiller is being installed and commissioned.

Recently, we were called to a job in the middle of Freemantle, WA, where we had to install an 60kw air cooled chiller unit and chilled water pump on top of a 3 storey building.

Access to the area was  tight, but Aircon Rentals installs temporary air conditioners and chillers to all sorts of difficult and unusual spaces. A hiab truck was used to transport the equipment to site and then our technicians used their ingenuity and had the hiab truck lift the chiller onto a trolley frame so it could be wheeled around the back of the building, where a small crane was waiting which then lifted the chiller to the top of the building.

Working with the onsite contractors, we determined the best possible location for our temporary replacement chiller, and had it lowered into place  for an easy electrical connection and water access.

Our chillers have built-in time clocks allowing the chiller to be set to the working hours of the building. This ensures efficiency as the chiller boots itself up and is running in time to deal with the heat, and shuts down when not required, saving both power and water. The rental chillers are also fitted out with remote monitoring meaning that if the hours need to be changed, our skilled team can do this without a site visit being required.

Overall, the client was very happy with the installation and operation of the equipment supplied.

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