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The client came to see Aircon Rentals in regards to hiring a chiller, this was a job with a difference. The client was creating a very special compound using a high frequency microwave. The client’s group, a consortium of businesses, were the first in the world to try and create a special building product – stronger and lighter than steel or carbon fibre and most other products on the market today. Thus, they will require a reliable industrial chiller water system hire.

Why A Chiller Water System Hire?

The manufacturing process was very complicated and quite haziest with high pressure, high temperature and a mixture of gases. Their product was the first in the world to be created via microwave.

After the initial meeting with Aircon Rentals’ Engineers, a design was developed. The microwave and other equipment needed to be individually cooled via chilled water with an array of set points and flow rate. This design included a 60kW air cooled chiller, support by a chilled water pump, chilled water buffer tank, and 3 booster pumps for the different chilled water flow rates and temperatures.

The installation ran smoothly, with Aircon Rentals electricians modifying the client’s exiting switch board, by installing 63amp circuit breaker and ceeform switched outlet. Prior to this, the biggest outlet was 32amps. All pumping connections were via flexible chilled water hoses.

No one had ever tried to use this array of equipment before, commissioning was an exhaustive process of trial and error, which was completely different to how Aircon Rentals technicians normally work.

The 60kW air cooled chiller was monitored from remote via Aircon Rentals telemetry system. As a result, Aircon Rentals was able to make remote adjustments to meet the client needs on demand, rather than the client needing to wait for a technician to make a site visit.

After the initial 4 week period, the equipment stayed onsite for future weeks, as the chilled water system was such a success.

Aircon Rentals thrived on being involved in a world first and allowing the clients compound see the light of day.

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