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Aircon Rentals Helps Out In QLD With Temporary Chiller

Working in paradise doesn’t happen often, but when it does – such as a chiller rental job, you take the opportunity with both hands!

Tropical North Queensland is paradise, but even paradise can have it’s downsides. And for North Queensland, that downside is that you must have air conditioning. Not only is it unpleasant for people without air conditioning, equipment has been known to rust from the underside. Therefore, chiller rental can provide many benefits, by keeping people cool, and giving equipment a longer lifespan by removing the humidity from the air.

So when a resort was due for refurbishment and their 350kW air cooled chiller had failed a year prior, they called the Aircon Rentals Queensland team. The resort had weddings booked until the building shut down for a major renovation. They needed a cost effective solution for the gap period in order to keep everyone happy.

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