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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

The agricultural industry has witnessed remarkable changes in the last few years. From traditional methods, we’ve transitioned to more technologically advanced and efficient systems. Modern farming practices are now driven by a combination of knowledge and cutting-edge machinery, enabling environments to be optimised for the production of top-quality goods. This includes everything from staple grains and vibrant vegetables to livestock and aquaculture produce.

Whatever the scale or niche of your agricultural pursuit, there is an underlying need for dependable power and environmental control. That’s where we step in, ensuring that you’re equipped with the very best in energy, power storage, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) solutions.

How Our Solutions Enhance Your Agri-business:

  • Harvesting: We believe that freshness starts right from the source. With our Air Handling Units and Chillers, we ensure the perfect harvesting environment, leading to longer shelf life for your produce. For crops needing immediate storage post-harvest, our Cool Room Hire becomes invaluable.
  • Processing: Any disruption in power during processing can lead to significant losses. Our robust Generators provide an uninterrupted supply. When coupled with our Dehumidifiers, you’re ensured ideal temperatures and moisture levels throughout the process. For areas generating heat during processing, our Evaporative Cooling systems are a boon.
  • Distribution: Preserve the hard-earned quality of your produce during storage and transport with our specialised Cool Rooms and  Commercial Fridge .For items requiring deep freezing, our Chiller – Negative Temperature is indispensable. Ensure proper air circulation within storage areas or transportation vehicles with our Ventilation systems.
  • Packaging and Recycling: With sustainability at the forefront, our HVAC solutions, including Air Handling Units, create the optimal environment for storing recyclable materials. Avoid moisture-induced damage with our Dehumidifiers. Our Power Solutions will assist in keeping your packaging machinery operating without hitches.
  • Prepared and Processed Foods: Store prepared foods needing refrigeration with our Commercial Fridge. Depending on specific temperature requirements, our Chiller and Heat Pump Chiller become crucial. For processes generating heat or requiring both heating and cooling, our Evaporative Cooling and Reverse Cycle systems respectively come into play. When processes require steam or hot water, our Boilers are essential. Maintain continuous operations with our Generator Hire.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider. Our team comprises experts passionate about propelling the farming sector into the future. From understanding your specific needs to providing tailor-made power and climate solutions, we’re with you every step of the way. Additionally, we’re here to provide valuable insights on energy efficiency, expense reduction, and enhancing overall productivity.

In essence, our goal is simple: to ensure that modern agriculture thrives, producing the highest quality goods for consumers worldwide.

Call us today and talk to one of our consultants: 1800 626 996