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The shutdown of a base building chilled water plant is difficult on any building. The impact on tenants and infrastructure can be difficult to predict, not to mention inconvenient. When a hospital needs to shut down, it’s impossible. Industrial water chillers play a crucial role in important operations that have to be carried out in a hospital. Patients, staff and service will be impacted greatly. They must have an alternative. That’s when they turn to Aircon Rentals. Aircon Rentals provides a complete turn key rental chilled water solution from design to implementation. Whether you need to hire a water cooled chiller or an air cooled chiller Aircon Rentals will design the solution for your industrial water chiller hire needs.

The photos shown are from a regional Queensland hospital. The base building chilled water plant was over 20 years old and in desperate need of an upgrade. The chilled water isolation valves had failed, as had 50% of the existing chillers.

In consultation with the hospital, and HVAC refurbishment contractor, a solution was formed. The hire chiller system would be completely installed prior to all other work except the connection to the base building. Power would be connected and temporary chilled water bypass commissioned. New temporary chilled water connection points to the base building were installed over night. Once installed, the hire chiller system would operate immediately. The transition from the base building to the temporary chilled water system went smoothly. The hospital didn’t lose any conditions and everything operated successfully.

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Industrial Water Chiller Hire
Industrial Water Chiller Hire - Portable Air Conditioner Rental Options | Aircon Rentals - 600kw Air Cooled Chiller

Aircon Rentals provided chilled water to the entire hospital. Our variable speed chillers maintained an exact 6c. With only a 0.2 variance away from set point. The entire system was remotely monitored for performance and faults, meaning that our technicians would have been aware of any issues in the rental chillers the second that they happened. This is important, as our industrial water chiller hire allowed the hospital to continue taking care of patients.

Aircon Rental’s air cooled hire chillers start at 10kw and go up to 1300kw in one single unit. Water chiller hire starts at 650kw and go up to 900kw in a single unit. Numerous air or water cooled hire chillers can by joined together to form multi mega watt projects.

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