160kW Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller

Carrier 30RQ AQUASNAP® Air to Water Heat Pump – Chiller is designed to produce chilled water or hot water. It is available in 11 models from 38 to 157 Nominal kwr.

The 30RQ series Aquasnap air to water heat pump chillers include an integrated hydronic module and a standard electrical disconnect switch. Exceptional quiet operation: all units have a scroll compressor and low noise shrouded Flying Bird fans with 2 speed fan motors. Chlorine free R410a refrigerant. User friendly Prodialog Plus control with direct display machine

Main Parameters : temperatures, pressures, operating conditions. Easy integration into any building thanks to reduces footprint and low profile.

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Technical Info

Performance Information
Cooling Capacity: 155.3 kW
Total Compressor Power: 54.4 kW
Total Fan Motor Power: 3.23 kW
Total Unit Power: 2.73 kW
Efficiency: 58.9 kW
A-Weighted Sound Power Level: 90 dbA

Accessories and Installed Options
Opt. 116B Fixed Speed Single Pump HP
Hydronic module with Expansion Vessel

Acoustic Information (cooling mode)
Sound Power Level (LwA) (dBA): 80
Sound Pressure Level at 10.0m (LpA) (dBA): 48

Power Requirements

Unit Voltage: 400-3-50 V-Ph-Hz
Standby Power: 3.47 kW
Minimum Voltage: 360 Volts
Maximum Voltage: 440 Volts
Power Factor: 0.78

Max Unit Current Draw (RLA)^: 151.8
Max Start Up Current (ICF)^: 291.8
Nominal Unit Current Draw (A)^: 111.4

^Electrical Circuit 1

Physical Info

Height (mm): 1321
Width (mm): 2273
Length (mm): 2122
Weight (kg): 979


  • ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A
  •  scroll compressors
  •  low-noise fans made of a composite material
  •  auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  •  electronic expansion valve
  •  variable-speed pump (option)


  •  Chilled Water Pumps
  •  Chilled Water Pipe Work
  •  1400 Amp Switch Boards
  •  5 Lane Cross Over
  •  3 Phase Cables