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300kW Air Cooled Chiller

300kW Air Cooled Chiller

The 300kW Chiller is Air cooled and has two semi-hermetic compressors that provide eight stages of capacity control. Modular in construction, multiple units can be connected in order to provide the necessary capacity. All units are skid mounted with interlocking variable speed/variable volume centrifugal pumps to match the system requirements.

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Technical Info

Total Cooling Capacity (kW): 295
Stages: 16
Refrigerant: R22

Power Requirements

  •  3 Phase – 400 Amp Powerlock
  •  320 Required Circuit Breaker (amps)

Physical Info

Height (mm): 2300
Width (mm): 2300
Length (mm): 2300
Weight (kg): 2300


  •  3 Phase Cables
  •  Flexible Ductwork
  •  Framed Lattice Panels
  •  Fabric Ductwork
  •  Condensate Pumps
  •  Chilled Water Pipe work
  •  Chilled Water Pumps
  •  400Amp 3 phase extension leads
  •  Data Loggers
  •  Flow Hood
  •  Mining Flex
  •  TA Balance Unit
  •  Telemetry Unit


  •  Networkable – allowing for multiple units to connect together, working as one
  •  3 Phase Power Required
  •  Hard Wired (electrician required)
  •  Quick connect pipework