450kW Air Cooled Chiller

Designed to meet all requirements, this unit uses the best technologies available: twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve, low-noise generation IV Flying Bird fans made of composite material, aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHX) and touch-screen control systems.

Additional Benefits

  • Easy & Fast to Install
  •  Economical operation
  •  Environmental care
  •  Low operating sound levels
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Technical Info

Performance Information
Cooling Capacity: 409.0 kW
Total Compressor Power: 136.8 kW
Total Fan Motor Power: 5.63 kW
Total Unit Power: 143.2 kW
Efficiency: 2.86 kW/kW
A-Weighted Sound Power Level: 93 dbA

Condenser Information
Altitude: 0 m
Number of Fans: 8
Total Condenser Fan Air Flow at 20°C: 27333 L/s
Entering Air Temperature: 35.0 °C

Power Requirements

Unit Voltage: 400-3-50 V-Ph-Hz
Standby Power: 0.20 kW
Minimum Voltage: 360 Volts
Maximum Voltage: 440 Volts
Power Factor: 0.86

Physical Info

Height (mm): 2297
Width (mm): 2253
Length (mm): 4798
Weight (kg): 4743


  •  Easy and fast installation
  •  Very economical operation
  •  Environmental care
  •  Low operating sound levels


  •  Cable Cross Over – Lane
  •  Framed Lattice Panels
  •  Distribution Boards
  •  Chilled Water Pipe work
  •  Chilled Water Pumps
  •  Chilled Water Strainer