60kW Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller

Designed for commercial or industrial applications.
The new 60kW Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller integrates the latest technological innovations:

  • ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A
  • scroll compressors
  • low-noise fans made of a composite material
  • auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  • electronic expansion valve
  • variable-speed pump (option)
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Technical Info

Cooling Mode
Cooling Capacity (kW): 56
Cooling Efficiency (EER) (kW:) 2.58
Unit Power Input (kW): 1.34

Heating Mode
Heating Capacity (kW): 74.5
Heating Capacity (Instantaneous)* (kW): 75.3
Heating Efficiency (COP) (kW): 3.11
Heating Efficiency (COP) (Instantaneous)* (kW): 3.14
Unit Power Input (kW): 24
Unit Power Input (Instanteous)* (kW): 24

Condenser Information
Fluid Type: Fresh Water
Fouling Factor (sqm-K)/kW: 0.0180
Leaving Temperature (°C): 40
Entering Temperature (°C): 35

Acoustic Information (cooling mode)
Sound Power Level (LwA) (dBA): 80
Sound Pressure Level at 10.0m (LpA) (dBA): 48

Refrigerant: R410A

Power Requirements

Unit Voltage (V-Ph-Hz): 400(+/-10%)-3-50
Standby Power (kW): 0.14
Power Factor: 0.78
Rated current (Amps)^: 60.1
Start Up Current (Amps)^: 172.2
Current at Eurovent Conditions (Amps)^: 49.3

^Electrical Circuit 1

Physical Info

Height (mm): 1321
Width (mm): 1061
Length (mm): 2050
Weight (kg): 605


  •  ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A
  •  scroll compressors
  •  low-noise fans made of a composite material
  •  auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  •  electronic expansion valve
  •  variable-speed pump (option)


  •  Flexible Ductwork
  •  3 Phase Extension Lead
  •  Data Loggers
  •  Lattice Screening