700kW Air Cooled Chiller

Our 700kW air-cooled variable speed drive screw chillers use the best of modern screw compressor design and manufacturing techniques, combining them with the latest in a long line of chiller variable-speed drives. The result is superior control and industry leading efficiency at real world conditions.

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Technical Info

Total Cooling Capacity (kW): 700
In/Out Temp:
Flow rate l/s:

Power Requirements

600 AMP Powerlock

Physical Info

Height (mm): 2369
Width (mm): 2242
Length (mm): 5845
Weight (kg): 5944


  • Energy Savings – Variable speed drive produces 15-25% annual energy savings, IPLV as high as 15.2 EER, and up to 0.25 kW/TR reduction in energy use when replacing existing chillers.
  • Quiet Operation – Significant sound reduction at off–design conditions makes YCIV and YVAC Chillers quieter than competitive chillers.
  • Lower First Costs – Low mechanical-installation, electrical-installation, and equipment costs.
  • Lower Operating Costs – Low energy, maintenance, and repair costs.