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10000 Litre Fuel Tank

10000 Litre Fuel Tank

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Our 10,000 Litre Fuel Tank is an EPA Approved Stationary Container, approved for the storage of diesel fuel.

  •  EPA approved for on-site dispensing and transporting diesel under UN regulations
  •  Internal baffles prevent fuel surge during handling and transportation|
  •  Environmentally safe for the storage of diesel in compliance with worldwide regulations
  •  Stackable, 2 high full and 3 high empty, reducing storage space requirements.
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  •  10450 litre model with large secure cabinet with full height access do
  •  Featuring a large lockable cabinet to house all pumps and equipment
  •  Spill sump in base of cabinet to contain any spillage or drips
  •  Access manhole for maintenance and inspection of inner tank.
  •  3 way locking system with unique anti-levering design on cabinet door for extra security
  •  Extra feed and return ports for running other auxiliary equipment
  •  Ability to supply fuel for up to 3 generators and refuel plant machinery all at the same time.
  •  Sized to stack inside shipping containers and across truck beds providing economical transportation.
  •  SLockable top fill point with anti-spill hatch assembly
  •  Offset fuel fill pipe for rapid refueling of tank

Physical Info

Height (mm): 2500
Width (mm): 2350
Length (mm): 2950
Empty Weight (kg): 2750
Full Weight (kg):10850

Standard Fittings

Standard Fittings: 3”
Top Fill Point : 2.5”
Fill Point: Gauge
Breather Vent: 1 x ½”
Pump Feed: 1 x ½”
Generator Feed & Return: 1½”
Sockets: 1 ½”
Inspection Manhole
Pump Bracket