Load Banks

Sephco Load Banks are available for testing and exercise diesel generator capacities. Load Banks automatically provide minimum engine loading for optimum efficiency and life. Energy Rentals Load Banks are suitable for all outdoor environments, they’re weather proof, incorporate immersion proof and vibration proof stainless steel resistors and come complete with controls.

Our Load bank safety features include a “triple interlock” load protection system, fan cooling failure safety guards, airflow restrictions, high temperature and fan reversal. Unique features include circuit breaker protection for each load group and are full accessibility to switch gear components and resistors.

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Physical Info

Height (mm): 985
Width (mm): 745
Length (mm): 835
Weight (kg): 156
Rating (kW): 100
Load Steps (kW): 10, 25, 50, 75, 100
Noise Level (kW): 78dBa @ 1M

Operating Features

  •  Digital kilowatt display of load value
  •  Touch key button operation
  •  Fan “Start”-“Stop” buttons
  •  Kilowatt “UP” – “Down” buttons
  •  Enter (Master) button
  •  Emergency “Stop” button
  •  LED Display: Load Bank “ON” indication
  •  LED Display: Load Bank “COOLING FAULT” indication
  •  LED Display: Load Bank “FAN RUN-ON” indication
  •  LED Display: Modbus Active
  •  LED Display: Modbus Running
  •  Remote-Automatic Load Dump contact facility
  •  Outputs to indicate load bank “Operating Normally” and “Load Bank Failure”


  •  Weatherproof to IP55
  •  Vertical Air Discharge
  •  Integrated Control System
  •  Corrosion Resistant Marine Acrylic Finish
  •  Stainless Steel Vibration & Immersion Proof Resistors
  •  Stainless steel construction


  •  3 Phase Cables
  •  400 AMP Switch Board
  •  Long Range Fuel Tanks
  •  5 Lane Cross Over