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100kW Package Unit

100kW Package Unit

The 100kW rental air conditioner can operate in extreme conditions from -2 to 45 degrees, providing reverse cycle comfort for any condition. The units require a 3 phase power outlet (120amp circuit breaker and hard wired), and can be stacked 2 high, to provide 240kW of power, with the footprint of 3100 x 2240mm. The unique design provides the ideal solution to air conditioning in tight places and can be constantly monitored off site, by the on-board telemetry. This portable air conditioner can produce data indicating how the unit is performing externally and can be manipulated off site by a technician, a feature that is unique to Aircon Rentals equipment. These units have been designed to fit into a standard shipping container and optimise space, as road freight transport.

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Technical Info

Total Cooling Capacity (kW): 99.4
Heating Capacity (kW): 98.5
Stages: 4
Air Flow (l/s): 5500
Refrigerant: R407C

Power Requirements

Power Requirements: 3 Phase 120 Amp
C/BHard Wire
Required Circuit Breaker (amps): 120

Physical Info

Height (mm): 2200
Width (mm): 2300
Length (mm): 2800
Weight (kg): 1200


  •  3 Phase Cables
  •  Flexible Ductwork
  •  Framed Lattice Panels
  •  Fabric Ductwork
  •  Condensate Pumps
  •  400Amp 3 phase extension leads
  • Data Loggers
  •  Flow Hood
  •  Mining Flex|
  •  Telemetry Unit


  •  Variable Speed Drive Control allows for the fans speed to be controlled
  •  Networkable – allowing for multiple units to be connected together, working as one
  •  Remote Setpoint Adjust – giving you the ability to just the thermostat remotely
  •  Programmable Direct Digital Control system
  •  Electronic Thermostat
  •  Time Clock
  •  Three Phase Power Required