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Location: Brisbane City  |  Sector: QLD State Government

The Challenge

The 26 storey Brisbane City building was scheduled for a total “end of life” refurbishment whilst still being occupied by a key Government Department. Complicating the situation was the fact that the central chiller plant was located on the 26th floor. The existing chillers were 23 years old and only two water cooled centrifugal chillers were operational, with one water cooled centrifugal & one water cooled low load reciprocating chiller off line. ACR were engaged to provide an additional 1000kW of air-cooled chiller capacity on the ground floor with limited space to locate all the equipment.


5 x 200kW air-cooled chillers

Turnaround Time

24 hours


20 Weeks

Project Steps

Assessment  •  Deployment
Installation  •  Commissioning
Operation  •  Monitoring

The Solution

In collaboration with our client, the mechanical services contractor, the building mechanical engineer, key stakeholders and building owners representative, Aircon Rentals participated in every aspect of the project. From the engineering planning phase to the actual chiller hire project implementation, the Aircon Rentals team was on hand to answer questions and problem solve. 

Our solution was the deployment of our unique 200kW air cooled chillers. The modular 200kW air cooled chiller allowed for the unit, pumps, plate exchanger and ancillaries to be located in a formation that suited both, the space available and the load bearing of the concrete slab. These chillers provided  a unique offering in optimising space and low noise features. The modular configuration and small footprint ensured the units were easily manoeuvred into position
without the need of large cranes or lifting appliances. 

The Impact

Aircon Rentals’ innovative solution provided additional cooling to the buildings’ total capacity needs during a trying summer period. The significant cost savings by  installing the chillers on ground level allowed the client to proceed with an orderly replacement of the old water-cooled chillers. The building experienced minimal operational disruptions to the occupants.
The ease of installation and removal, without the need for a crane equipment, with installation and commissioning was completed within three days of the equipment arriving on site. The client saved considerable resources, including time and money.