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Location:  Queensland |  Sector:  Production

The Challenge

The bottling plant was experiencing reduced capacity in one of its key production machines due to the current air-cooled chillers not able to meet demand. This was at  a key production period before summer, with the plant at maximum output. Equipment was required to be installed into a secure plant enclosure close to the manifold connections and electrical supply. 


160kW Air-cooled Chiller,
 Heat Exchanger and Pump

Turnaround Time

8 hours


16 Weeks

Project Steps

Assessment  •   Engineering
Deployment  Installation
Commissioning  Operation

The Solution

Aircon Rentals engineers designed and deployed a 160kW air cooled chiller, plate heat exchanger (as a secondary loop), pumps and ancillaries. Our solution also provided additional capacity should the existing chiller fail. Working with the client, Aircon Rentals scheduled the installation during the plant production period with minimal commissioning time required.

The Impact

The ease of installation without the need for a crane equipment or additional expenses, saved the client thousands of dollars and time in mobilisation. With the rental chiller on line, production continued at a critical time and ensured the bottling plant was able to meet its contractual obligations to its key clients. 

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