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Aircon Rentals provides engineered solutions to the public and private healthcare industry ranging from large multi precinct hospital facilities to smaller health support centres. Our chiller hire is just one of multiple cooling, heating, ventilation, or power rental solutions that can be applied during; emergency situations to ensure health facilities remain operational, planned shutdowns when repairing or replacing existing plant, or construction and refurbishment projects where a chiller rental is required to keep existing facilities operational.

Our recent project was to deploy a long-term air-cooled chiller rental to a regional hospital in Northern New South Wales. Our client, a prominent multi-national chiller OEM and HVAC service provider and the end client consultant, worked with Aircon Rentals during their engineering planning stage, and ultimately during the project implementation of the chiller hire.

The regional hospital facility has large capacity central cooling plant where an existing air-cooled 1200kW chiller required upgrading. The central cooling plant was detached from the main hospital building which allowed Aircon Rentals to deploy our trailer mounted 1300kW chiller which ultimately minimised installation time and made electrical and plumbing tie-ins for the HVAC contractor easy.

Our 1300kW air-cooled chiller, mounted on a purpose-built 40ft semi-trailer, was the perfect solution for the project. The purpose-built trailer was designed to accommodate for the storage of hoses, electrical cabling, electrical distribution, and a recirculating chilled water pump which is unparalleled in the Australian chiller rental market.

By utilising our wholly owned and operated Aircon Rentals prime mover we were able to deliver the chiller and accessories on a single load, manoeuvre it into position safely, install safely & quickly, and quickly demobilise at the end of the hire period. All this without the use of any cranes, rigging, or extraordinary installation/removal costs saving the client thousands of dollars.

Aircon Rentals Prime Mover in action

Aircon Rentals has one of the largest ranges of rental air-cooled and water-cooled chillers and heat pumps readily available in the Australian market, ranging from 10kW to 1300kW in capacity and capable of outlet water temperatures ranging from minus 15°C to plus 55°C. Aircon Rentals has the engineering capability to provide whole system solutions by coupling our chiller rental fleet with other system components like: Air Handling Units, Forced Draft Low Temp Coolers, Fan Coil Units, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Buffer Tanks, and Filters to name a few. The applications of these chilled or hot water systems include cold stores, mineral processing, processing cooling, swimming pools, heating and cooling commercial buildings, food & beverage manufacturing, mining, hospitals, defence, marine, and any other process that has a requirement to remove or add heat to increase productivity, improve comfort, or minimise production losses.

For more information, please call us on 1800 626 996 and speak to one of our friendly sales team to see how we can assist with your particular solution.

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