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Freezer Rental for Petrol stations

At 6am on a Sunday, a service station realised that its upright display glass door freezer had broken down. The refrigerator mechanic couldn’t get out to repair the freezer until 9am the next day.  The forecast for the day was going to be a scorcher, so the service station’s only other option was a commercial freezer rental. Aircon Rentals quick and easy freezer rental services not only prevented food spoilage, but also minimised the cost to the business. As an experienced commercial refrigerator and freezer rental supplier, we understand what businesses need, and can provide it swiftly and efficiently. We can be on site extremely quickly, which is important with perishable goods on the line.

The service station was very thankful for Aircon Rentals WPCG accredited staff that were available 24/7, 365 days a year. Within two hours, the Aircon Rentals installer was on site and the single door freezer rental was installed and cooling down in preparation for the ice-cream stock to be transferred into it. Aircon Rentals was also able to provide additional shelving, so they could stack more inventory into the upright freezer. More products on display, meant higher sales through the display freezer.

Why use a glass door display freezer?

Glass door freezers allow customers to make their decision before opening the freezer. This is more energy efficient than having the freezer door opened and closed constantly, and keeps the products colder. It also attracts attention and may result in an impulse buy as the customer sees something that they hadn’t intended to purchase on their arrival into the store.

Aircon Rentals Fleet

Aircon Rentals have an impressive fleet of upright single glass door refrigerators and freezers that have been tested and tagged. Our glass display fridges and freezers have a capacity of 340L for our single glass door fridges and freezers. Aircon Rentals delivers temporary fridges and freezer rentals to your location, Australia wide. We have branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. In this case, the service station needed display freezers so they could sell stock to the customer. Excess stock was being kept cold in the buildings on site coolroom and then being filled up as the hired display freezer was being emptied.

However, if it had been the onsite cold room which had broken down instead, Aircon Rentals has trailer mounted mobile coolrooms for when large amounts of stock need to be kept frozen or refrigerated. These rental coolrooms are able to be parked in place at the park of the store (securely locked into place with wheel jacks) and the back room stock is able to be kept frozen until they are moved into the store’s freezers.

Rental freezer packed with ice cream

When you need emergency refrigeration fast, call Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996, or use our contact us now page and talk to one of the team 24/7 about your requirements!

Aircon Rentals supplies rental refrigerators, freezers and coolrooms to the commercial and industrial markets only. 

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