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21kw Chiller Hire – Cooling the coolroom

When the buildings HVAC system goes down, a replacement is usually required urgently. That’s where the Aircon Rentals 24/7 emergency response comes into its own, in this particular case, providing a 21kw chiller hire in a matter of hours.

A food manufacturer in Victoria had an evaporator in their main cooling room fail. The cooling room was critical in order to quickly cool down food after it was manufactured, in order to safely preserve the food for future sales.

The Company contacted Aircon Rentals to see how they could use temporary air conditioning equipment in order to continue to cool their cooling room, whilst repairs were being carried out.

The Aircon Rentals team determined that a 21kw air cooled liquid chiller would be the ideal solution to maintain the required temperature, along with two 25kw fan coil units. These fan coil units are a type of air handling unit designed to be placed directly inside a room for cooling, rather than using the existing duct system of a building.

The 21kw chiller hire is in a frame on wheels, which makes it easier to wheel into the ideal location. The rental chiller has low-noise variable speed fans, providing a quieter experience compared to other rental chillers. The chilled water is then fed through camlock hoses into the two fan coil units which were located inside the cooling room, providing cool dry air into the room.

The 25kw fan coil units are also on wheels so can they can be easily manoeuvred into the best position inside the room they are cooling. Like the chiller unit, these fan coil units are low noise, which was ideal in this instance, as the noise echoed in the cooling room.

The Aircon Rentals team was able to successfully install and commission the equipment, ensuring the rental units kept the food in the cooling room cold, until the existing failed evaporator could be repaired. The client was extremely happy about how quick the turnaround was, allowing the company to continue with manufacturing and reducing any unnecessary down time.

25kw fan coil connected to 21kw chiller rental

Aircon Rentals also has a range of refrigeration rental equipment, including mobile cool room rentals which could have been provided, had the client required it. Contact the Aircon Rentals team on 1800 626 996 and see how we can provide the right cooling needs for your requirements.

21kw chiller hire unit in place

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