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Outdoor Cooling During a Heat Wave

As the weather was starting to heat up in summer, an event organiser got in touch with the Aircon Rentals team. Their week long international event was forecasted to experience several 40 degree days in a row, with the temperature not dropping much at all overnight. They were concerned for members of the public who would be waiting in long lines in the sun for the event to open and to buy tickets. They asked what we could do to provide a solution to this problem. We provided and installed our pedestal misting fans.

They’re perfect for outdoor conditions and cooled a 9 meter area around them, which cooled the crowd down significantly in the lines.  For an outdoor area, they’re a lot more efficient that our portable air conditioners which work best to cool an enclosed area.

With a large water reservoir built in, they didn’t need topping up until the next day, which was very convenient for the busy event staff members, who certainly didn’t have time during the event itself to be topping up water tanks

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If you’re having an outdoor event in the sun and need to cool down the crowds, contact us to rent a misting fan now!

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