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What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a piece of equipment which can remove the humidity from an area. Rental dehumidifiers can help reduce musty or mildew odours in a room, and help prevent the growth of mould or mildew by reducing the moisture in the air. Moisture in the air can also increase the extent of corrosion of certain materials, and ruin some consumable goods such as flour.

Case Study of Rental Dehumidifiers

A pharmaceutical manufacturing client came to us advising they have an order to produce a multivitamin product. This particular product required a moderately low level of humidity whilst in production stage to avoid it from spoiling before packaging.

Their plant machinery in this instance was in a relatively small room, so our engineering team determined that they would need to hire one of our 3.3 l/hr dehumidifiers to help keep the rooms humidity at a low level. With the company’s own temperature/humidity sensors as well as our dehumidifiers control panel, they could monitor and ensure the production area was fit for the manufacturing of the multivitamin product.

The installation for rental dehumidifiers is a straightforward process, requiring drainage of the internal collection reservoir that is a result of the de-humidification process.

This process can be done manually, or Aircon Rentals can set up the equipment to be pumped out and drained into  sinks, drains, outside areas or, as in this instance, to a neighbouring room. This is then pumped into a condensate water  bin that would be emptied periodically by staff members.

The dehumidifier worked spectacularly for the client, and ensured that the product was packaged up safely  in accordance with all TGA and Australian food safety standards.

In another case, we were able to put the condensate water bin directly next to the dehumidifier rental unit (left photo).

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If your pharmaceutical or food manufacturing company needs to control the humidity during your manufacturing process, contact Aircon Rentals today on 1800 626 996, or via our website and speak to a member of our team who can assist in determining the right equipment for your needs.

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