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For the past two summers, Aircon Rentals have assisted a local Melbourne high school cope with the extreme heat over the summer months. The air-conditioning  installed to their drama room wasn’t built to cope with the rise in temperatures  and faced with  restricted  access to the problem area,  it was a challenge Aircon Rentals couldn’t resist.  Our skilled engineers inspected the site and came up with a solution for the school aircon hire.

72kW on shipping container for school aircon hire

Temporary aircon cools down a schools drama room.

By using a franna, Aircon Rentals were able to install one of our 72kw package air conditioning units on top of a shipping container, enabling the supply and return air  to reach into the ceiling of the drama room.  The school also requested the “socks” of fabric ducting that would be used to cool the room be black rather than the usual white in order to seamlessly blend in with the black paint of the room.  After all, a white stripe across the ceiling would light up quite well when the stage lights were on.  So with the black fabric ductwork running through the centre of the room, cool air is  evenly distributed throughout.

Of course, the rental package unit was firmly secured down and the unit was positioned at the back, in an out of bounds area. Whilst it was a tight squeeze to get the machine into place, our team are extremely experienced and it posed no difficulty.

The unit was also fitted with remote monitoring equipment,  allowing us to set the temperature remotely and ensure the unit was always in good working order.

Once the summer was over, the school aircon hire equipment was removed during the school holidays, ensuring as few people as possible would be on site in order to ensure the safety for everyone involved.  All Aircon Rentals staff have Working with Children checks / Blue cards.

The client was very happy with how well the 72kw package unit cooled down the drama room (as were the students who had to perform in it!)

72kW package unit school aircon hire

The temporary aircon at the school is secured to ensure no movement of the 72kW package unit.

Our highly experienced and skilled engineering team had carefully planned the diffusers location to be hung in front of a permanent return air grill, allowing the buildings permanent fans, still in great working order, to distribute through the building with the existing system, thus creating a great solution for a cost effective price. The unit was easily operated with an on/off switch located on a wall inside the structure, with a pre-selected set point.

The client was extremely pleased with the end result and all customers who used the service centre were also very happy with the cool relief from the outside air. Once the planned upgrade was finished, the temporary aircon unit was removed easily and the windows restored as if they had never been removed.

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