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Aircon Dehumidifier Insights

Food safety HVAC systems and dehumidifiers | Aircon Rentals

Humidity Management in Food Production

Humidity is indispensable in preserving our food's essence – its taste, texture, and safety. We…
Public holidays Emergency Installation Chiller Hire | Aircon Rentals

Weekdays, weekends, or public holidays – Aircon Rentals is just a phone call away

Equipment failures and breakdowns can happen at the most unexpected time. Just like our recent…
21kW Chiller Install | Hospital Equipment - Chiller Hire | Aircon Rentals

Keeping vital hospital equipment cool

Another week, another Aircon Rentals success story! Recently Aircon Rentals was thrilled to “make the…
40kw package unit | Air Conditioner Rental | Aircon Rentals
Package Units

HVAC upgrade? No problem

During the peak of the summer heat, a client came to us with request. A…