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Temperature Control for Rebuilding a Super Yacht

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When Aircon Rentals was first asked to offer solutions to control temperature and humidity on board a super yacht, the team embraced the challenge and opportunity to display the specialised packaged air conditioners Aircon Rentals has available to rent.

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Not without challenges, this project was incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. From conducting site visits aboard barefoot, experiencing absolute luxury that the 50m super yacht has to offer. To the commissioning of our 2 x 72kW reverse cycle packaged air conditioning units, in the dry dock down in Henderson WA.

The ship stands over 3 stories high in dry dock, which meant the cooling package had to be mounted on scaffold at a height of the top deck. The ducting needed to be fully maneuverable to cover all areas at different stages of the renovation.

It was most important to keep the humidity low to ensure the teak decks did not change shape during the sanding process as well provide fresh temperature controlled air to the construction crews inside. With over 140kW of cooling capacity and over 100 metres of premium canvas ducting, Aircon Rentals achieved perfect results and the client was exceptionally happy with the results of their hire.

The Super Yacht renovation was such a comprehensive task it has taken over 6 months, spanning from the end of Spring to Winter. The capabilities of the Aircon Rentals packaged air conditioners were well used. The humidity was controlled and stayed within the required parameters. By utilising a reverse cycle unit, fresh, cold air was available on those hot Summer days and warm air was provided as the project moved towards the winter months.

packaged air conditioners aircon rentals

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