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Reliable air conditioning and power are an essential need for data centres to operate. Aircon Rentals is proud to be supporting countless data centres across Australia over the years, for their various requirements including emergencies and testing needs.

Our recent project involved assisting our client in testing their new CRAC units before deploying them to their new purpose built data centre. The client had built a test room with 2 CRAC units installed and needed Aircon Rentals to supply power and create 500kW heat load for the test. Working closely with the client from the projection inception, including designing the layout and connection plan, the task was challenged given the additional restrictions that were enforced in NSW at the time.

Once the installation date was confirmed, no time was wasted, deploying the hired equipment to the site: 1250kVA genset, fuel tank, switchboard, 5 x100kW load banks, and all the associated cables. Together with the electricians on-site, the Aircon Rentals team managed to install the equipment, within two days.

The speed and organisation of the delivery and installation impressed the client, as it helped them to achieve their major milestone for the project. A personal testimonial from the Project Manager was received…

“Just wanted to express my thanks for all your efforts with regard to the test rig…. We have a very happy client and builder and only through a collective effort have we been able to complete our first major milestone on this project. Well done!