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Air conditioning failures and breakdowns never happen at a convenient time. As things go, it doesn’t get much more inconvenient and urgent than a failure at 9pm on New Year’s Eve and that is exactly what happened to one of our most valuable clients. To make matters worse, the failure had occurred in a West Australian mobile phone tower control room. Do you need emergency aircon on a public holiday?


emergency aircon on a public holiday

With millions of calls occurring and traffic on the network increasing, it was critical that temporary air conditioning be installed with extreme urgency. There was risk that the servers could crash, preventing messages from sending – NOT the ideal way to start a New Year…

Aircon Rentals has technicians on call 24/7, even on a public holidays. Fortunately, the allocated installer was on the case immediately to resolve the issue. The Aircon Rentals team was mindful that West Australian summer temperatures and the heat load of the equipment, could force the control room conditions to increase quickly.

emergency aircon on a public holiday

The best option was to install a  4.5kw mobile spot cooling unit and a condensate pump into the room. The portable 4.5kW unit collects water in a condensate container in the bottom of the unit. When this container is full of water, the unit will stop working, to prevent water from spilling onto the floor. Aircon Rentals suggests that this container gets emptied every 6-8 hours to prevent the container getting too heavy, ensure that the unit continues to work and avert overflow.

The decision to use a pump, would move the water from the condensate reservoir to a drain outside the control room. This ensured that the 4.5kw temporary mobile aircon unit could run continuously without needing human assistance. The staff at the control tower could then enjoy their New Year public holiday, without worrying about any water potentially damaging their valuable, sensitive equipment.

Aircon Rentals service and speed to site was appreciated by the control tower staff, especially on New Years Eve! So if you need emergency temporary aircon on a public holiday, contact Aircon Rentals!

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