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Our recent client reached out to us after experiencing issues with their chiller system last summer. As not to take any chances this year, the client contacted Aircon Rentals to help mitigate any issues at their brewery that may affect their production. While the client has plans to upgrade their current refrigeration system to support their expansion, they needed a reliable temporary solution to maintain their current production levels. Having the right preventive measure is crucial, as an increase in temperature can significantly impact the fermentation process and thus affecting the quality of their product.

Working closely with the client, Aircon Rentals went through several options on how to best introduce a supplemental chiller into their existing reticulation system. The current refrigeration system runs a series of DX chillers at – 4.5°C. However, during hot periods and when the production is high, the water/glycol temps can go up to +4°C, which significantly impacts the fermentation process. While working through the options, Aircon Rentals identified that it was best to use an existing stand-by pump on the client’s glycol tank rather than trying to plumb a supplemental chiller into the existing system.

This solution was ideal as it connects the hired chiller as a side stream system. Using this method, the water/glycol can be drawn from the client’s tank through the hired chiller and then returned it back to the tank. This method was the least intrusive as it did not require any major plumbing modifications to the client’s system. Once the proposed solution was agreed upon, the Aircon Rentals team went straight to work. The hired 33kW chiller was deployed quickly and delivered to the site for installation. The overall installation onsite took just over 4 hours to complete.

Post commissioning, the system was operating at the design temperature of – 4.5°C as planned. The client was very satisfied with the level of service and expertise provided by Aircon Rentals in helping them mitigate their issues.